2024 Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the 202r Pensacon Short Film Festival:

  • Best in Show – “Blood Fury” Written, directed & produced by Inconstant Jordan.
  • Jury Selection – “Lands of Steel,” Written & directed by Cyril Vrancken; produced by BC Movies.
  • Audience Choice – “Goro Goro,” Directed by Ryotaro Sawada, Agatha Tiara Christa; produced by Gillian McDerment.
  • Best Animated Film – TIE: “Sulayman,” Written & directed by Blog Caliguia; and “Goro Goro,” Directed by Ryotaro Sawada, Agatha Tiara Christa; produced by Gillian McDerment.
  • Best Fantasy Film – “Doorway,” Written, directed & produced by Siddharth Gautam.
  • Best Horror Film – “Neon Hereafter,” Written & directed by Pacey Hansen; produced by DeMori Hawkins.
  • Best Science Fiction Film – “Grounded,” Written by Alexander Wedlock; directed by Aidan Hakwins; produced by Gbemileke Otudeko.
Emcee Jeremy Branch presents the audience award to Gillian McDerment, producer of “Goro Goro.”

Emcee Jeremy Branch presents the audience award to Gillian McDerment, producer of “Goro Goro.”

Awards for the Pensacon 2024 Short Film Festival.

Awards for the Pensacon 2024 Short Film Festival.

The audience enjoys the awards ceremony at the Pensacon 2024 Short Film Festival.

The audience enjoys the awards ceremony at the Pensacon 2024 Short Film Festival.

2024 Official Selections

We would like to congratulate all the filmmakers whose films were selected for the 2024 edition of the Pensacon Short Film Festival. We are very happy that we will be screening the following films during Pensacon 2024. Please check closer to the event for the schedule of the screenings.

The selected films are as follows:

A Cotton Moon
A feckless loner uncovers cryptic TV broadcasts of a mysterious deity (Academy Award-nominee Eric Roberts) whose teachings inspire a strange and radical holy awakening.

Written & directed by Zack Hosseini; produced by Zack Hosseini, Gehrig Campbell-Dempsey, Danny DiTorrice, Rayce Lopez, Olivia Singer

A Tree Once Grew Here
“A Tree Once Grew Here” combines captivating visuals, animation, and imagery, to tell a tale that transcends language. We are reminded that we must rebalance harmony and nurture our planet; because we can no longer afford not to.

Written & directed by Johnnie Semerad; produced by Dara Semerad

All Eyes
Science Fiction
A girl group of four in an isolated training camp discover their true purpose while dealing with interpersonal problems.

Written by Aaron Menzo; directed by Claudia Sheng; produced by Matt Stewart


Bloody Fury
In the Far West, the fur trade is raging! Bloody Furry, one of the last red wolves, decides to avenge his exterminated family. But is revenge the best solution to find the way to redemption?

Written, directed & produced by Inconstant Jordan

Produced in France

Chasing Giants
Science FictionDuring the filming of a Hollywood documentary, Dr. Oliver Beckham, a world renown Cryptozoologist and famed Bigfoot researcher, is forced to make a decision that will forever alter his life's work.

Written, directed & produced by Randy Sage

A soldier fights for his life after surviving a battle in the enemy occupied Elven woods.

Written & directed by James T. George; produced by James T. George, Stephonika W. Kaye

Science Fiction
When an incompetent intergalactic conqueror crash lands at a comic convention, he must find a way to subdue the locals or face the wrath of his merciless counterparts.

Written by Norm Conye; directed by Kate Kroll; produced by Norm Conye, Rhiannon Aarons

Produced in Canada

“Demi-Goddesses” is an essay about still dominant dark aspects of our modern society. It is conceived as a surreal anti-patriarchal thought experiment and raises important questions about gender, power, and social change, prompting us to reflect on how historical patterns of discrimination and oppression might be either repeated or overcome in a reversed gendered world. It challenges the viewer to confront their own assumptions and biases, and to consider the possibilities of a more equitable society.

Written & directed by Martin Gerigk

Produced in Germany

Within the fractures of family bonds, a doorway materializes, propelling Stephen through a life-altering odyssey that reshapes his existence and weaves an indelible tapestry of change for his loved ones.

Written, directed & produced by Siddharth Gautam


Ed’s Auto
Struggling with meeting bills and tight deadlines, auto shop owner Ed is forced to accept what may be his last customer.

Written & directed by Jack McClellan; produced by Mitchell Cole

In a snowy, mountainous region, a laboratory sits at the side of one of the tallest mountains. Scientists worked in the lab alongside their robots who took care of a powerful orb. One day, something went wrong, and the laboratory was abandoned for many years. Circa 2100s, a
young scavenger breaks into the lab seeking treasure to eventually sell for profit, but instead awakens one of the robots that teaches her the importance of companionship.

Written by Hane´Harnett; directed by Hannah Papa; produced by Victor Uzcatefui

Suzie believed that returning to her community will make herself a true being. This is a story mesmerized by commercial-look visual and satire script motif of The Ugly Duckling and gireogi family.

Produced in Republic of Korea

Written by Jieun Park, Gabriel Figueiredo; directed by Jieun Park

Goro Goro
Goro Goro follows the story of Daigoro, a baby thunder god, who dreams of being as powerful as his father. Through his thunderous journey, he realizes that he can achieve his dreams in his own unique way.

Directed by Ryotaro Sawada, Agatha Tiara Christa; produced by Gillian McDerment

Greed & Gore
After a bank robbery doesn’t go exactly as planned, a crew of five pick a last minute safehouse to lay low with their take and a hostage. But the safehouse isn’t so safe… Greed & Gore, a film by Adam Kirkey, is a mash of horror and thriller, with practical effects that will please all genre fans.

Written by Adam Kirkey, Mathieu Lamarch; directed by Adam Kirkey; produced by Travis Laidlaw, Adam Kirkey, Mathieu Lamarch

Produced in Canada

Science Fiction
A drama about family, loss and interplanetary space travel. When Nell is offered her dream job ,she's faced with a daunting task: telling her family that she'll have to relocate.

Written by Alexander Wedlock; directed by Aidan Hakwins; produced by Gbemileke Otudeko

Produced in United Kingdom

JamAIs Vu
Science Fiction
A young musician attempts to convince her sentient caretaker humanoid to let her play one last piece of music before her life ends.

Written, directed & produced by Terri Zitong Diao

Jenny’s Absinthe
A catfishing troll finds himself on the wrong side of the hook.

Written, directed & produced by Gregor Gasperin

Produced in Slovenia

Lands of Steel
Science Fiction
A CGI-animated short film about genocide through the eyes of a mindless robot, set in an apocalyptic world.

Written & directed by Cyril Vrancken; produced by BC Movies

Produced in Belgium

Neon Hereafter
The hypnotic buzz and glow of neon engrosses Cecilia as she struggles to evade her addiction, disturbed past, and the nightmarish monster ceaselessly stalking her.

Written & directed by Pacey Hansen; produced by DeMori Hawkins


To boost her online popularity, Youtuber Amber and her boyfriend Johnny set up an occult ritual for her upcoming livestream. Little did they know, supernatural forces are at play, leading to deadly results.

Written & directed by Matt Robb; produced by Matt Robb, Yeilyn Rodriguez, Adrian Garcia, Thomas Demos, Manuel A. Robayo

Science Fiction
An ineffectual engineering student accidentally travels forward in time and decides to steal a device that could make him rich and famous in the present.

Written & directed by Joshua Warren; produced by Karina Majewska, Bence Berkes, Oscar Hewitt

Produced in Norway

Rancid Cargo
Science Fiction
After Isaac Clarke receives an unsettling message from his estranged girlfriend Nicole, he has no choice but to seek her out aboard the USG Ishimura. However while he approaches along with a network engineer named Kendra, the ship is mysteriously silent. Once aboard the Ishimura, it quickly becomes clear that something terrible has happened aboard the ship, and they will need to fight for their lives if they hope to survive.

Written & directed by Eric Houstoun, Tom Hall; produced by Eric Houstoun, Tom Hall, Kris Babcock, Michael Schmidt

Produced in Canada

This film is not in competition for awards and is presented as a part of a special screening.


Red Like You
In a medieval village, every girl must wear a red hood after having her first period. While navigating her sexuality and knowing that she will one day wear a red hood herself, Indigo must decide to join the village's women or embrace her true nature.

Written & directed by Amanda Mergulhao Ferrari; produced by Evan Patrick Adams

Remote Encounter
Science Fiction
On an isolated property, a farmer comes across the last thing he wants to see – a superhero.

Written by Dante Julian Niedzwiedz, Julia Vosnakis, Christian Bartlett, Ryan Nash; directed by Dante Julian Niedzwiedz; produced by Benjamin Raschella

Produced in Australia

Ona, a creative executive of a large company, is about to launch the latest technological revolution into the market: a device that allows listening to music directly inside the brain.

Written by Pol Diggler, Ramon Lazaro; directed by Pol Diggler; produced by Sandra Forn

Produced in Spain

A warrior confronts a mysterious menace from the forest in order to protect his village.

Written & directed by Blog Caliguia

Produced in Philippines

Tales of Tunivar
A thief and a mercenary get more than they bargained for when they try to steal from a sorceress and instead show her the magic of friendship…or at least speechcraft.

Written by Audrey Milum; directed by Emily Dunlop, Audrey Milum; produced by Emily Dunlop

The Adventures of Captain Atom Chapter 6
An Atomic Age superhero and a rocket scientist's daughter must race against time to prevent an evil military junta from launching a devastating missile attack from the moon.

Written, directed & produced by Elias Hutchinson

The Book of Martin
Teresa is very close to catching the serial killer she has been searching for years. For this, he will have to test all his instincts and his moral ethics. But once he catches him, she will realize that what is coming is even worse.

Written, directed & produced by Felipe Escalante Anduiza

Produced in Spain

The Call of Water
Flung into the astral-plane, Nadia must face ancient forces in order to realize her responsibility to her homeland.

Written & directed by Kaya Tone; produced by David M. Night Maire, Brian Plain, Tim Preston

The Code
What if your next text is your last?

Written, directed & produced by Troy Hayes

The Gatekeeper
New owners of a small-town building discover an ancient secret in the walls of its basement.

Written & directed by Sam Sorenson; produced by Julia Dailey, Lance Catania

The Mirror
A grieving woman, Kate, becomes obsessed with a mysterious antique mirror, she begins to experience supernatural occurrences and visions of her deceased lover, leading her to a terrifying realization about the true nature of the mirror.

Written & directed by Rui Dong; produced by Rui Dong, Zuyou Liu

The Somewhat True Tales of Sir William
The pompous Sir William and his faithful servant Lyle stumble across a fair maiden in the forest. His long career is full of glorious deeds worth retelling! Maybe…

Written by Ethan Mitchell, Valaine Shelby; directed by Elijah Perry; produced by Valaine Shelby,Gregory Colt Sugg


Pensacon proudly presents the annual Pensacon Short Film Festival as one of its official events. As part of this convention, the films screened will celebrate science fiction, horror, fantasy, comic books, pop culture, animation, and documentaries. After each screening, there will be a short Q&A with filmmakers present.

Each Official Selection will be given two weekend passes to Pensacon (travel not included) to attend the screening, and filmmakers may participate in a Q&A session about their films immediately following the screening.

Over the past seven years, Pensacon has taken pride in screening some of the best short films from all around the world. In addition to the United States, we have had submissions from Australia, Canada, China, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.

To submit a film, go to https://filmfreeway.com/PensaconShortFilmFestival.

Entry Rules

• Films must have been produced after January 1, 2019.
• Films must have a running time no longer than 20 minutes. Films longer than 20 minutes will be disqualified.
• Categories—science fiction, fantasy, horror, superhero/comic book related, pop culture, animation, and documentary (documentaries must be related to the previously stated genres). Documentary films must have topics in the previously stated categories.
• Films may contain “R-rated” content, but no pornography.
• It is permissible to enter films that have screened at other film festivals, but not commercially distributed.
• Films cannot have been previously screened at Pensacon.
• Filmmakers must retain the rights to characters, stories, and music. Fan films (i.e. fan-made versions of established properties) are not allowed and WILL BE DISQUALIFIED WITHOUT REIMBURSEMENT OF ENTRY FEE.
• Unfortunately, Pensacon Short Film Festival is UNABLE TO OFFER FEE WAIVERS.
• Entry fees are paid for the purpose of being judged for participation in the Pensacon Short Film Festival and will not be refunded in the case of films not accepted, withdrawn, or disqualified from selection.

Selection Process

• Official Selections will be determined by Pensacon staff based on a number of factors, including but not limited to genre, content, quality of filmmaking, time allotment, and copyright ownership. All decisions are final.
• Pensacon staff and their families are ineligible to enter.
• All Official Selections will be announced via email to the filmmakers and on the Pensacon website and social media on December 11, 2021.
• Entry fees will be charged to all submissions, but do not guarantee acceptance into the film festival. Entry fees will not be reimbursed for films not selected, withdrawn, or disqualified.
• Pensacon reserves the right to change the category for submissions as deemed appropriate.

Additional Info

• It is recommended to upload the best quality of your film upon submission. However, an updated screener copy will be accepted until January 8, 2022. Resolution should be 1920×1080 with an audio bit depth of 16 bits.
• We recommend making the video file available to download, either through FilmFreeway, Vimeo, or YouTube (with password is fine). Otherwise, you will need to provide means for us to download the film such as through Dropbox or OneDrive no later than January 8, 2022.
• Publicity material such as stills and a movie poster are optional, but must be submitted no later than January 8, 2022.
• Non-English language films must be subtitled in English.
• All Official Selections of the Pensacon Short Film Festival will be shown as an official event of Pensacon during the weekend of February 26 – 28, 2020.
• Each Official Selection will be provided with two free weekend passes to Pensacon (travel not included) to attend the screening, and filmmakers may be invited to participate in a Q&A session about their films immediately following the screening.
• Admission to the screening will be free to anyone with a Pensacon weekend pass or day pass on the date of the screening.
• Due to the possible content of the films, anyone under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Awards include Best in Show (determined by Pensacon staff), Jury Selection (chosen by a panel of Pensacon guests), and Audience Choice (voted on by audience members during all screenings). Specific categories are also awarded, which may change from year to year depending on entries.

Past Winners

2023 Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2023 Pensacon Short Film Festival:

  • Best in Show – “Welcome Home Eugene!” Written by Noah Jorgensen, Nolan Watt; Directed by Noah Jorgensen; Produced by Samara Fitzgerald.
  • Jury Selection – “There’s Something Wrong with Paul,” Written & Directed by Mark Clauburg; Produced by Chris J Cullen, Alex Aldea, Lucille Clauburg and Gail Dehren.
  • Audience Choice – “Hellscape,” Written & Directed by Sam Sorenson; Produced by Leigh Sorenson.
  • Best Animated Film – “The Interrogation,” Written, Directed & Produced by Marisa Cohen and Peter Issac Alexander.
  • Best Comic BookSuperhero Film – “Agent Heads,” Written by Ajay Varma Nandyala and Joseph Van Landschoot; Directed by Ajay Varma Nandyala; Produced by Ajay Varma.
  • Best Doctumentary – “A Door Away,” Written, Directed & Produced by Alex H. Rafi.
  • Best Fantasy Film – “The Barmaid and the Serpent,” Written & Directed by Rose Louise Hoover; Produced by Andrew Bourne.
  • Best Horror Film – “Hellscape,” Written & Directed by Sam Sorenson; Produced by Leigh Sorenson.
  • Best Pop Culture Film – “Duplicitous Minds,” Written by Catalina Yue; Directed by Rober Rippberger; Produced by Catalina Yue.
  • Best Science Fiction Film – “Launch at Paradise,” Written by Daniel Mitura; Directed by Carrie Anne Quinn; Produced by David M. Night Maire.

2022 Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2022 Pensacon Short Film Festival:

  • Best in Show – “Streamer Stalker” written by Gaelan Draper & Connor Del Rio; eirected by Gaelan Draper; produced by Matthew Brady
  • Jury Selection – “Cutter” written & directed by Dan Repp & Lindsay Young; produced by Scott Honey & Bears Rebecca Fonte
  • Audience Choice – “Woodland Cemetery” written, directed & produced by Niels Bourgonje
  • Best Animated Film – “Meanwhile, at the Abandoned Factory…” written & directed by Michael Cusack; produced by Richard Chataway
  • Best Documentary – “Sophie in Furbyland” directed by Pacey Hansen
  • Best Fantasy Film – “The Center of Physical Therapy for Questing Gentlefolk” written, directed & produced by Katherine Johnson
  • Best Horror Film – “Woodland Cemetery” written, directed & produced by Niels Bourgonje
  • Best Pop Culture Film – “Break Any Spell” written & produced by Lisi Purr; directed by Anton Josef
  • Best Science Fiction Film – “Dreamster” written & directed by Ludvig Gur; produced by Ralph D’Amato & Daniel Lagersten
  • Best Superhero or Comic Book Film – “ALiEN” written by Adrian Hargrave; directed by Shahbaz A. Khan; produced by Sarah Gambles

2021 Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2021 Pensacon Short Film Festival:

  • Best in Show – “Monstrus Circus” written, directed, and produced by Jordan Inconstant
  • Jury Selection – “It’s Okay” written by Audrey Flegel; directed by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh; produced by Audrey Flegel, Stephen Laferriere, Heather Ensley, Rebekah Walendzak, Paul Culos, Michael Perez
  • Audience Choice – “Gone” written by Sam Siversson; directed by William Jackson; produced by Simon Daniele
  • Best Animated Film – “Hero” written and produced by Aoze Luo, Ziqian Zhao, Huaiyuan XU & Xiantao Zhu; directed by Aoze Luo
  • Best Documentary – “The Flip Side” written, directed and produced by William Stead
  • Best Fantasy Film – “Pine Mountain Overnight” written and directed by Geena Marie Hernandez, produced by William Stead
  • Best Horror Film – “Shaken” written and directed by Chayse Banks, produced by William Stead
  • Best Pop Culture Film – “The Legend of Stella” written by Maren Curtis; directed by Aileen Sheedy; produced by Molly Preston
  • Best Science Fiction Film – “Sundown Trail” written and directed by Luke Guidici; produced by Luke Guidici, Patrick Reasonover, Matthew Edwards, and Victoria Hill
  • Best Superhero or Comic Book Film – “Imperceptible” written and directed by Alexa Shackelford; produced by Alexa Shackelford and Franz Salvatierra

2020 Winners

  • Best in Show – We Got a Monkey’s Paw
  • Jury Selection – Balloon
  • Audience Choice – All Boys Die
  • Best Animated Film – Serpendipity
  • Best Documentary – Becoming Wonder Woman
  • Best Fantasy Film – Dispel
  • Best Horror Film – Can Someone Hear Me?
  • Best Pop Culture Film – Furtherance
  • Best Science Fiction Film – Infinity 7
  • Best Superhero or Comic Book Film – Capitán Kinesis

2019 Winners

  • Best in Show – “Outpost” written & directed by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh; produced by Cindi Rice & Lynn Thomas
  • Jury Award – “The Phantom Menace” written & directed by Charlotte Barrett & Sean Fallon; produced by Bettina Barrow & Anna Margaret Hollyman
  • Audience Choice – “The Gift of the Red Fern” written by Kevin Brackett; produced by Robyn McSheehy Hartman & Kelly Hall; directed by Robyn McSheehy Hartman
  • Best Animated Film – “Rebooted” written & directed by Sagar Arun & Rachel Kral
  • Best Comic Book Film – “The Cape” written & directed by Andrew Olson; produced by Jacob W. Gilbert & Andrew Olson
  • Best Documentary – “Cap City Video Lounge” directed by Rhea Begazo & Hunter Black
  • Best Fantasy Film – “Breaking Up” written & directed by Greg Vestal; produced by Bre Knittel
  • Best Horror Film – “Deep Dish Apocalypse” written by Trey Nichols; directed by David Codeglia; produced by Ron Morehouse & Emily Bell
  • Best Science Fiction Film – “Margaret and Gary” written & directed by Fredric Lehne

2018 Winners

  • Best in Show – “Sunny and Gerd in Spring Cleaning” written, directed and produced by DaCosta Bayley
  • Jury Selection- “The Amazing Neckbeard” written and directed by Aaron Legg
  • Audience Choice – “The Tolls” written by Wylie Herman and Liz Anderson; directed by Liz Anderson; produced by Michael Balke and Richard Southard

2017 Winners

  • Best in Show – “The Edge” (“La Lisière”) written by Tom Gobart and Simon Saulnier; directed and produced by Simon Saulnier
  • Jury Selection- “Pirate Parts” directed by Shabnam Shams, Megan Robinson, and Sara Chantland; produced by John Harden, Sheila Harden, and Don R. Lewis
  • Audience Choice – “Future Boyfriend” written by A. Vincent Ularich; directed by Ben Rock; produced by Ron Morehouse and Emily Bell

2016 Winners

  • US Best in Show – “My Luchador” written and directed by Shea Sizemore; produced by Chip White
  • International Best in Show – “Willa” (Germany) directed by Helena Hufnagel; written by Sina Flammang (based on a short story by Stephen King); produced by Helena Hufnagel and Tina Kringer
  • Jury Selection- “New” written and directed by John Harden; produced by John Harden, Sheila Harden, and Don R. Lewis
  • Audience Choice – “Expiration Date” written and directed by Jeffrey Frame; produced by Zack Kepner

2015 Winners

  • Best in Show – “Defense Mechanism” directed by Sebastian Munoz
  • Jury Selection – “E.M.M.A.” directed by Stephen Herman
  • Audience Choice- “Chondriac” directed by Austin Hermann