Brian Drummond

Brian Drummond

Death Note

Brian Drummond was born in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. A graduate of the acclaimed Studio 58, he started out as a theatre actor, but eventually found himself moving into voice acting full-time. Based out of Vancouver, BC, he works on various animated programs.
Most well known for his role as Vegeta, Yajirobe, and Vegito in the Ocean Studios English dub of the animeseries Dragon Ball Z, Drummond tends to be cast as either an impassive warrior (Andrew Waltfeld), or a kind-hearted father-figure (Reverend Malchio). Lately, he has also played the role of the cowardly Yuna Roma Seiran in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny as well as Ryuk in Death Note. He has landed prominent roles in various anime such as Renkotsu in Inuyasha, and Gundam Wing as Zechs Merquise. Brian has also appeared in Da Vinci’s Inquest in minor background roles.

In 2003, Drummond voiced Kurt Wylde in the computer-animated film, Hot Wheels: World Race. In 2005, he reprised his role as Kurt Wylde in the computer-animated film series, Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers.

From 2006 until 2008, he voiced Ork Warboss Gorgutz in the video game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and several other expansion packs under the Dawn of War title.

He recently participated in Funimation’s English dub as a cloned version of Vegeta for Dragon Ball Super, where Drummond notably worked alongside his Funimation counterpart Christopher Sabat who provided Vegeta’s voice for the Funimation version of the Dragon Ball English dub.

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