Goth Dad

Goth Dad

Vision Video

Most people know Dusty Gannon as the lead singer / guitarist of Vision Video, or as the internet’s “Goth Dad” character. The character “Goth Dad” is a wholesome midwestern vampire who teaches the “baby bats” about the goth subculture, cooking, makeup and music. It has levied a following of over 500k on Tiktok!

Vision Video is a goth rock band based in Athens, Georgia. Musically, Vision Video take influence from bands like the Chameleons, the Cure, Joy Division and Bauhaus, and bring a more modern slant to that classic post-punk sound.

Dusty writes music about topics like mortality, mental health, war and trauma. Music is a form of trauma processing for Dusty and allows him to divert negative memories and emotions into something beautiful and constructive.

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