Guy Gilchrist

Guy Gilchrist

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Guy Gilchrist will always be known as “Jim Henson’s Cartoonist “, having created “The Muppets” comic strip (KFS) for newspapers around the world from 1981-1986, and having a leading role on Jim’s creative team on Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, and Other Henson creations.

He has also headed Publishing and/or Licensing for TMNT, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, Pink Panther, and Disney among other cartoon icons.

Guy is the author of 50+ children’s books of his own creations, and has been given three Children’s Choice Awards from the International Reading Council of The United Nations for his Tiny Dinos series, as well as garnering two Silver Reuben Awards from the National Cartoonists Society (NCS) for Night Lights & Pillow Fights Volumes l & ll.

Guy’s Muppets work was permanently enshrined in the Smithsonian in 1984, with First Lady Nancy Reagan declaring him “ a national treasure”.

For 23 years, he also wrote and drew the Nancy comic strip (UFS)(Universal), the Night Lights comic strip, Mudpie comic strip, and the Your Angels Speak comic strip for various news syndicates.

Guy lives in Nashville, Tennessee where he continues to create art and ( his other passion) music!

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