Kat Cressida

Kat Cressida

Only Appearing On Sunday And Saturday And Friday

Dexter's Laboratory

Kat is honored to have gotten her ‘big break’ in Animation in the role of annoying sibling “DEE DEE” on what would become one of CARTOON NETWORKS first blockbusters: DEXTER’S LABORATORY…

Getting a ‘crash course’ from the rock stars of ANIMATION next to Christine Cavanaugh, Kath Soucie, Jeff Bennett, Rob Paulsen, Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler and Frank Welker (to name a few!)

Partial Credits include: Disney Channel’s RANDOM RINGS, ARCHER (recurring as “UTA”), FX), SOLAR OPPOSITES (recurring including “SIGOURNEY WEAVER” HULU / FOX), Marvel’s DOOM PATROL, TOY STORY 4, as well as “JESSIE the COWGIRL” for Disney/Pixar TOY STORY shows, attractions, games, toys, and events, GOOSEBUMPS 2, GOTHAM STORIES, ABC MOUSE, DISNEY’S THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, PHINEAS & FERB, DISNEY’S TINKERBELL, DISNEY’S TARZAN, KHUMBA, several BARBIE films (Mattel), Disney’s RETURN OF THE CAT, TALES OF EARTHSEA, DreamWorks’ FLUSHED AWAY, Hallmark’s MAXINE’S CHRISTMAS CAROL…

As WELL as having had the tremendous pleasure of providing SCRATCH for a number of ANIMATED PROJECTS for Disney Animation, providing Celebrity voice matches for TANGLED, FROZEN, TOY STORY 3 and TOY STORY 4, and TARZAN!

Speaking of DISNEY STUDIOS: having grown up listening to DISNEY RECORDS READ-A-LONG’S (“When Tinkerbell rings her little bell.., turn the page!”) Kat was gifted the opportunity to NARRATE 2 GRAMMY-WINNING Audio Books for DISNEY MUSIC: NOAH’S ARK and A BUG’S LIFE!

With a sub-specialty in terrifying vocal fx (demonic possession, shrieks, growls, hissing, aliens, ghosts, and blood-curdling screams) KAT’s voiced characters for MOVIES, TV, Video Games and Animation (recently working with Horror legend JOHN KASSIR for GOOSEBUMPS projects, MARVEL TV Shows, and THE OMEN series!)

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