Pensacon welcomes a variety of acts to perform throughout the weekend. We have a stage in Poseidon’s Bay in front of the Pensacola Bay Center where musical acts and others may perform during operating hours, and we also have other venues and opportunities for different kinds of performances. In the past, Pensacon has hosted improv shows, game shows, Shakespearean performances, dramatic readings, and more.

Types of performances Pensacon programs is as follows:

  • Bands or solo singers/musicians
  • Musical theater — a review of songs performed in character by actors
  • Comedy show — this includes improv, sketch comedy, comedic mystery theater, solo comedians, or other kinds of performances with the intent to make the audience laugh
  • Game show — not to be confused with an interactive game with audience participation such as a trivia contest, the intent is to put on a show for the audience using participants provided by the host
  • Theatrical show — includes scripted plays or anything with a theatrical flair to it
  • Demonstration of skills
  • Dance

To apply to conduct a panel, workshop, or special activity other than a performance, click here.

Please read the following rules thoroughly:

  1. This application does not guarantee acceptance into Pensacon. Due to limited space, the number of applications, and types of performance submitted, we may be unable to schedule all submissions.
  2. Participation in performances is on a voluntary basis only, and payment for the performance is not negotiable. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.
  3. Each participant in a performance will be provided with a Pensacon three-day pass.  Each participant will be responsible to pick up his or her own pass, unless otherwise pre-arrangedMore information will be provided upon acceptance. Be sure passes are picked up in plenty of time prior to the panel starting so all participants arrive on time. Date, times, and location of early pass pickup will be provided closer to Pensacon. (NOTE: If you receive a volunteer, media, exhibitor, or other complimentary badge from Pensacon, you will NOT be provided with duplicate badges; you will be given one badge from the highest applicable category.)
  4. Upon receipt of your pass, you are expected to conduct your performance as scheduled. Any panelist who accepts a pass but does not fulfill the stated commitment to Pensacon will be responsible for the at-the-door price of the pass provided and will be banned from volunteering at any future show.
  5. The person submitting this application will be considered the Responsible Individual for the performance and will act as signatory for any necessary paperwork; disseminate information to participants; act as point of contact between participants and Pensacon staff; pick up passes to deliver to participants as necessary; and ensure the proper equipment and technology required for the needs of the performance is provided by either participants or by coordinating with Pensacon. It is understood that the Responsible Individual will assemble participants as necessary.
  6. Pensacon will provide the venue for performing. This may be the outdoor Poseidon’s Bay stage or an indoor venue depending on a number of factors including type of performance, subject matter, availability of venue, and other scheduling considerations. Special equipment or other needs not previously stated must be requested no later than January 27. Pensacon reserves the right to deny requests for special items.
  7. Pensacon will do its best to schedule your performance according to your needs, such as avoiding conflicts with a panel or activity, but various factors may make it unable for us do to so. Be prepared to peform on any of the three days of Pensacon. Scheduling is at the discretion of Pensacon staff.
  8. Performances may vary in length. Unless otherwise noted or requested, a 30-minute transition period will be scheduled between performances. Please specify the time needed to properly conduct the event as well as necessary setup and tear-down time. If your event can be run at multiple times throughout the weekend, please indicate as such instead of filling out multiple applications.
  9. Performers are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the performance to set up and to arrive with all necessary supplies and equipment not provided by Pensacon.
  10. Posted performance schedule and venues are subject to change.  Pensacon will do its best to notify you of any changes as soon as possible.
  11. Performers may be under the age of 18 if accompanied by a parent or authorized adult supervision. Pensacon staff must be notified of any minor participating in performances.
  12. Performers must secure the rights to any content performed, including music or written text, including pre-recorded music played from an audio device. By submitting this application, you are acknowledging you have the performance rights to the material and take full responsibility for it.
  13. Pensacon prefers content appropriate for all audiences but understands that certain topics should be reserved for a mature audience.  Illegal activity (or the promotion of such) is not allowed.  If your content involves strong language, sexuality, or depictions of violence and/or disturbing images, this must be stated on the application. It is the responsibility of the panelists to warn the audience at the beginning of the performance of such content.
  14. Performances are open for all Pensacon attendees with a VIP pass, 3-day pass, or day pass for the day of the event and may not charge additional admission fees.
  15. Due to limitations with venues where events take place, parking is NOT guaranteed for participants. Pensacon will do its best to provide an area for loading and unloading gear, but this is not guaranteed. It is suggested to plan ahead for what will be the most efficient and convenient place for you to park. If you have special needs for parking or need to unload gear prior to the event, contact Pensacon staff ahead of time to make appropriate arrangements.
  16. Pensacon retains the right to refuse to schedule or to cancel a performance at any time.
  17. All participants are expected to comply with Pensacon’s Statement of Values.

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