Mark Maddox

Mark Maddox

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Mark Maddox is a Rondo Hatton and Pulp Factory Award winning artist.

He has done illustrations for Doctor Who Magazine, SCREEM Magazine, HorrorHound, Little Shoppe Of Horrors Magazine, Infinity Magazine, Video Watchdog, Mad Scientist, We Belong Dead Magazine, Undying Monsters Magazine, Diabolique Magazine, and Bookmarks Magazine.
Mark worked on a number of Moonstone Comics titles as Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files, The Heap, The Red Menace, Flint, and more.

Additionally, he lent his creative talents to such companies as Warner Brothers, EMCE Toys, Monsterverse, Hemlock Books, Publicis Worldwide, The Stark Raving Group, Cornerstone Publishing, Alchemy Werks, New Legend Productions, Flying Labs Software, White Rocket Books, Breygent Card Company, and Black Coat Press.

Most recently, his work can be seen on the covers of blu-ray releases from Scream Factory.

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On Facebook go to the Mark Maddox in Tallahassee, FL

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